Ensuring the security and integrity of our servers and services is critical to our customers. We are committed to providing secure products and appreciate help from the community in responsibly identifying ways for us to improve our security.

If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in one of our servers, applications or our infrastructure that could harm Inteq or anyone who uses our services, please let us know by emailing the details of your finding to abuse [at] inteq [dot] ro.
Please provide as much information as possible about the potential flaw, how one might exploit it and any other information to help us understand the nature and scope of the issue.
We take security very seriously and investigate and respond to all reported vulnerabilities.

Please be respectful and don’t violate anyone’s privacy, interfere with anyone’s account, or destroy any data.
Please don’t interrupt or degrade our services.
Please give us a reasonable amount of time to respond before publicly disclosing your findings.

Thank you.